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[stp-dev] IRC Record 29apr06

16:47:55) DavidBosschaert [n=davidb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] entered the room.
(17:00:16) askehill: Hi all, we'll give it a few mins for people to join
(17:00:34) Karlr__ [n=Karl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] entered the room.
(17:02:19) jrohn [n=jrohn@xxxxxxxxxxx] entered the room.
(17:03:06) askehill: shall we start, or should we wait a few more minutes?
(17:03:20) DavidBosschaert: I would say give it another few mins...
(17:03:36) askehill: will do
(17:04:16) RobCernich [n=rcernich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] entered the room.
(17:06:00) AMiguel [n=amiguel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] entered the room.
(17:06:42) askehill: Right so, welcome everybody, I think we should get started
(17:06:53) askehill: I sent out a tentative agenda today, a bit light with only two items:
(17:07:06) askehill: build system updates and an update from myself on the status of the SC project
(17:07:15) askehill: does anybody have anything else they wish to discuss?
(17:09:08) cctrieloff: note really
(17:09:28) cctrieloff: no additional topics
(17:09:31) askehill: ok, so I've been unable to talk with Naci today to see how are build system work is coming along
(17:09:53) askehill: I'll follow up with him offline tomorrow on this
(17:10:04) askehill: Secondly, on the Service Creation subproject
(17:10:39) cctrieloff: go for it
(17:10:41) askehill: We are almost ready with our first version of the draft project page which will posted on the eclipse wiki page tomorrow
(17:11:10) cctrieloff: send a mail to the dev list so that we can go and look/ send edits is anyone wants to
(17:11:27) askehill: That's the plan, we were hoping to get it ready for this evening but it took a little longer than planned
(17:12:11) askehill: don't know if I want to go into detail on it just yet, but just thought I'd give people a heads up that we intend to kick start the project by getting the proposal on the STP page tomorrow and solicit feedback on the alias
(17:12:33) askehill: We can discuss the proposal in detail at next weeks IRC once people have had a chance to read it
(17:14:15) cctrieloff: sounds good.
(17:14:20) askehill: So that's all I have for the moment in terms of update... since there's nothing else on the agenda for now, I can leave the channel open for the remainder of the hour if people want to ask anything
(17:15:21) cctrieloff: nope , I don't
(17:15:57) askehill: Naci has just mailed the stp-dev alias on the build system, so he's hoping to commit tomorrow
(17:17:09) askehill: OK then, we'll leave it there for now guys. Talk to you all soon
(17:17:19) DavidBosschaert: Bye
(17:17:25) RobCernich left the room.
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