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Re: [stp-dev] takin' a look at the core model code

-Have you decided about the name conversion for the contibuted plugins? i.e (**??)

Suggest org.eclipse.stp.core as a base, then subpackage from there
to -->  org.eclipse.stp.core.assembly -->   org.eclipse.stp.core.assembly.model --> org.eclipse.stp.core.assembly.internal --> org.eclipse.stp.core.assembly.internal.model

Is the 'internal' in the right place here?  Put '.tests' on the end
for the tests of course. --> org.eclipse.stp.core.assembly.infrastructure

-We also added two top level assembly projects to drive the builds and represent the subproject (we called it and for lack of anything else). Any ideas?



what's the sdk indicate here Naci?

- Finally test plugin IDs and project names do not match. Minor point but worth fixing during the conversion.

Yup I think so.


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