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Re: [stp-dev] takin' a look at the core model code


-Have you decided about the name conversion for the contibuted plugins? i.e (**??) -We also added two top level assembly projects to drive the builds and represent the subproject (we called it and for lack of anything else). Any ideas?

- Finally test plugin IDs and project names do not match. Minor point but worth fixing during the conversion.

The plugins build and test OK.  I guess you knew that  :-)

Yes, we can get a UML diagram of the model. Once we have the code in the repository we can just put the UML diagram there. Until then we can just post it to this list.


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03/31/2006 12:05 PM
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	Re: [stp-dev] takin' a look at the core model code


Hi Dan

> This is a pretty good high-level overview of the contribution.
> We are working on some documentation to help people get started > with using the APIs.

Good news -- what would be a great help would be some guidance as
to 'where to engage' when one is about to start reading the code!

> Yes we do plan to do further refactorings on the code. This > shouldn't be considered > code complete by any means. We are also working to get our POJO > support factored so
> it can be contributed.  Hopefully this will happen next week.

Great! I'm looking forward to taking a look at the .java introspection
code as an exemplar for more exotic introspectors :)

Actually - do you know what would be cool? If we could get a visual
representation of the emf model - reading it using the standard ecore
editor means a fair bit of jumping about. Is it easy to make such a
thing, do you know?

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