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Re: [stem-ebola] Agenda for Ebola Call on October 22

Sounds great... I'm really looking forward to hear Ira's topic on adaptive human behavior.

For the agenda, I'd suggest we do brief follow-up on last week's chat regarding the question from NIHR UK. There was an article just published in the Economist on this topic with quotes from UK officials.

NIHR UK Follow-up: Asymptomatic carriers will pass through screening undetected

"Why Airport Screening Won't Stop Ebola" -Economist

"But David Heymann, a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, says [such] screening did not stop those diseases and it is unlikely to stop Ebola."

"I would expect a handful of cases in the next few months," warned Sally Davies, Britain's chief medical officer, after the [Ebola airport] screening measures were announced [in the UK]."


On 2014-10-18 08:21, Judy Douglas wrote:
Below is the current version of the agenda for this week's Ebola
Community Call and the link to one of the community's wiki pages.

Please email me, judyvdouglas@xxxxxxxxxxx if you would like to join in
the call.



_for_ OCTOBER 22

Moderator: Ira B. Schwartz, US Naval Research Laboratory

	* Welcome and Introductions
	* News
	* Items from participants
	* 20 minute deep dive topic: ADAPTIVE HUMAN BEHAVIOR TO CONTROL
EPIDEMICS. Ira B. Schwartz, US Naval Research Laboratory
	* Next week's agenda

	* Simone Bianco, IBM will moderate next week. Who would like to
moderate in two weeks?
	* Please send short agenda items to Judy by Monday
	* Please suggest other themes and guests for presentation/discussion
	* Next week's deep dive topic: Kun Hu & Simone Bianco model news on
recent sensitivity analysis, SEIR++ Parameters


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