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[stem-ebola] Agenda for Ebola Call on October 22

Below is the current version of the agenda for this week’s Ebola Community Call and the link to one of the community’s wiki pages.


Please email me, judyvdouglas@xxxxxxxxxxx  if you would like to join in the call.





for October 22

Moderator: Ira B. Schwartz, US Naval Research Laboratory

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. News
  3. Items from participants
  4. 20 minute deep dive topic: Adaptive human behavior to control epidemics. Ira B. Schwartz, US Naval Research Laboratory
  5. Next week's agenda
    1. Simone Bianco, IBM will moderate next week. Who would like to moderate in two weeks?
    2. Please send short agenda items to Judy by Monday
    3. Please suggest other themes and guests for presentation/discussion
    4. Next week's deep dive topic: Kun Hu & Simone Bianco model news on recent sensitivity analysis, SEIR++ Parameters


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