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[stem-dev] Several questions - mainly logging and movement


I'm running a test scenario and everything appears to work almost fine, except for a few things:

1. The loggers do not generate any file. I've set up the folder to which the logged information should be saved, but nothing is saved there. I tried using simultaneously in the same scenario a csv logger and a map logger, but none is saved. What am I doing wrong?

2. Having several countries (with different proportions of each age class) I should create a population aging model to each controy right?

3. When I used the aging population model I got an error message telling me that the disease model couldn't find the "human" label. Then I used a standard population model and everything ran well. I'd rather use the aging population model, though. What can I do to solve this?

4. What are the units in the background birth and death rates? I have data on all the countries average number of births and death per day. Is that the correct unit? 

5. Finally, in order to get the movement between countries I have to get the movement between the common borders and air traffic. I got that from the globalGeography I downloaded from STEM website, since I did not saw this information on the graphs section (in particular the air traffic between any two countries).

I'm sorry for the long email... I hope I was clear in my questions.

Frederico Mestre

Mediterranean Institute for Agriculture, Environment and Development
The 'Rui Nabeiro' Biodiversity Chair
Universidade de Évora | Rua Dr. Joaquim Henrique da Fonseca 7000 – 890 Évora, Portugal

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