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[stem-dev] Minutes from todays call ( Sept10, 2020)

STEM Community Call on Thursday Sept. 10th,  at 9AM Pacific Time

1. Welcome and introductions.
Welcome Frederico. Biologist developing global model of COVID Spread

2. COVID-19 model. Any updates or comments on the doc?

Scenario showing use of new compound error function
and An example that includes the new compound error function
may be found here:

3. Release build (milestone 4.0.2) is up.
        Had issue with copying over the version from Eclipse CI (resolved - Stefan will update the doc)
        Bugzilla versions updated
        Fixed version number on splash screen
4. STEM on Cloud (STEM 5.0) updates
5. Werner and colleagues: update on Eclipse-Con
6. New Bugs:
        i) NEW Feature (Bug 565455): Automated Experiments now have a new compound error function. Testing Complete Thank you Vishrawas Gopalakrishnan !
        Ready to close the bug.
        ii) Bug 564217 - Using Standard Loggers with Custom compartments when running on server
        Work around available
        Need to update the model builders java emitter templates to automatically generate
        the required line of code. The work around shows users how to add that line of code.
        iii)  Bug 564218
        Build issue - XText version exceptions running on server.
        Any updates?
        iv) Any issues on Windows - not seeing any problems. Users comments on Forum - need a stack trace (works for me).
8. Items from Participants.

9. Next Call (confirming the Oct. 15 date)


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