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[stem-dev] Minutes from STEM Community Call on June 11

Minutes from STEM Community Call on June 11

1. Welcome and introductions.
        Introducing Sekou Remy from IBM Research, Kenya

2. COVID-19 (sars cov-2) models
                Three new sars cov-2 models, one from Dr. Schwarz (NRL)ONR
                Nereyda will edit the new doc?
3. STEM on Cloud (STEM 5.0).
        update: Branch build is up and running on Eclipse CI. No target on website yet.
        Wayne Beaton told us about new tool to help with CQ's and identify components in need of clearance.
        Work in progress. Going well. Discussion on next call.
4. Werner will coordinate abstracts
        Eclipse Con scheduled for October 19-22 (Virtual Event). Call for papers deadline is == June 15 ==
        Community Day on one of those dates (beginning or end)
4. New Bugs:
        1) Fix for multiple triggers in auto exp. available in the auto_exp_fix git branch.
        (need to create bug and test the branch).
        2) Bug 564213: Intermittent bug (using OpenJDK,Ubuntu). Investigating. From Stefan, problem usually seen when the plugin
        having the         code used for the disease model hasn’t been activated yet but the user is correctly
        running with the  -loadWorkspacePlugins option.  This sounds like a race condition,
        perhaps occasionally the plugin isn’t fully loaded by the time the experiment starts.
        At least that’s a theory.
        One temporary workaround would be (if possible) retry when that error occurs.
        CONFIRMED - this is a race condition. Restart works.
        see also:
        3) Work around for loggers on the wiki. Will look at updating emitter templates in the model builder to achieve a permanent fix.
        NEXT STEPS: We will try to fix all three bugs in the auto_exp_fix branch and merge back.
        4) Build issue - XText version exception. Ahmad will investigate.
5. Items from Participants.
Matthias: Importance of connecting the epidemiology (eg immunity loss rate) to the genomics
Sekou: Started working on Malaria. looked at several models. What do modelers and communities want to know?
Matthias: Next month will present "FSK-ML (Food Safety Knowledge Markup Language)"
6. Next Call is scheduled for Thursday, July 9, at 9AM Pacific Time.

Sekou Remy

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