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[stem-dev] Web Site and Sources



Great presentations today, glad I was able to join the call again, also due to working from home while some clients don’t make it so easy to join such calls while in their office.


It is not so easy to find the sources, but I did e.g. here via the web interface:


Is the new Web client Ahmad showed also in a Git repository or is that still in “Stealth Mode” or subject to IP clearance and therefore not publicly available?


Most of the Wiki seems up to date with GIT, but when you visit the web site

It still offers to “Search SVN” on the right hand panel and “Access the STEM source code” under “STEM Project Resources” points to which talks almost exclusively about SVN.


I think every Eclipse committer with a web account may update any Wiki, so I’d be happy to help with that and fix some of the SVN (dead) references, but the main STEM page I assume only those with Git developer access may change, at least that’s my experience as UOMo project lead.


Kind Regards,



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