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[stem-dev] Agenda for the July 12 STEM Community Call

STEM Users,

The STEM call for July will take place this Thursday, July 12th, at 9 am Pacific Time as usual. As always, we invite you to join us. If you would like to do so, please contact me, judyvdouglas@xxxxxxxxxxx, for call in instructions.




Agenda for the STEM Call on July 12, 2018


1. Update on STEM Version 4.0 Milestone 1: Jamie and Ahmad

*Order of menu contributions to master toolbar fixed; left spacers visible to ease control of where icons/controls go; may resolve confusion regarding “experiment” vs. “automatic experiment”; need to clarify documentation to highlight differences between the two, add warnings on the wiki  

*Jar file for Apache commons math 2.2 committed; build path in org.eclipse.runtime updated to run with the added jar file (eventually will need math 3)

*Work remaining: the red dot icons; also some testing


2. Build Server Decision: Jamie, Stefan, Ahmad, and Matthias
*Jenkins build server at IBM is being phased out; once Build 4 is complete, need to relocate on IBM cloud, Eclipse server, or server at BfR; maintenance requirements may argue for using Eclipse server
*Ahmad on the logistics plan he’s developing for BfR

*Jamie on enlisting Stefan or Matt Davis to help move once Build 4 has been tested


3. Proposal for STEM Version 4.0 Release: Jamie

*Will prepare slide deck proposal to submit to Eclipse for approval of when build is complete; will include request for approval for modification of Eclipse logos for STEM per bug 534480

*STEM will then graduate from Milestone status to a Release  

4. STEM Awards: Jamie

*Two STEM awards created as incentives: Committer of the year and Contributor of the year

*Development of a pmg image (“badge”) and verbiage for certificates and STEM website, wiki


 5. Project Updates 

*Emily: Working with Jamie on problem with weekly integration build on a Mac; Stefan will take a look; earlier issues involved using disease initializer with stochastic solver

*Taras: Problems running batch experiment in SIR modeling project

*Anna: Status of issues with equation, use of model generator to set value for transmission rate with 2 populations; assessment of YouTube video on model generator; possible feature request 


6. Bugs and Feature Requests 

534480: EMO approvals for current and future STEM logos

530858: “Randomize Seed” feature moved to branch; bug marked fixed; Jamie will close 

530546: Avoiding misspellings in disease and population decorator; new, stem.ui-inbox

530549: Warning decorators not editable through the scenario in STEM; new, stem.ui-inbox 


7. Items from Participants


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