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[stem-dev] STEM Workshop Berlin 2018/ Feature Requests

Dear Jamie,
Dear Stefan,

During our STEM Workshop at the BfR last week we collect a couple of different bugs and feature requests.
I want to ask if it’s Okay if I add them to the Bugzilla. I know that some requests will take some time and effort to
solve them and maybe there already in the Bugzilla.

My colleague Marcel made this List with requests and questions.

Feature 1:
-	Problem with disease or population names in Decorators
o	Problem: You have to type in the Disease name in different decorators for instance in the "Disease Model" and
the "Disease Infector" to reference them in the Software, if there is e.g. a typo in the name it can cause a lot of
errors in running a simulation.
o	Idea to solve:  The typed in disease name should be somehow stored in the system and appears in a dropdown menu
in for instance the “Disease Model Creator”, so that the User only choose the already typed in disease name. 

-Feature 2: Space in names? 

Feature 3:
- Problem: Changes in Decorators via the properties are not consistent in the STEM Projects: 
- Scenario: If you change some properties in the decorators in the scenario-section, it will not implement in the Data
and the simulation run with the old parameters. It would be great if you can change the properties immediately in the
scenario section. 
If it’s not possible to implement such a feature a warning or hint would be fine which say that you have to change
the properties only in the Decorators Section.


Is it possible to change the parameters or the disease model in a specific area of your graph.
For instance the disease arrives a region were the climate is totally different and it changes totally the dynamic.
Would that be possible? 

I will report more about the workshops on Tuesday. 
I'm looking forward to our next call.

Best wishes,

//// 15 Jahre BfR - Wissenschaft im Dienst des Menschen ////

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