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[stem-dev] Agenda for this month's STEM call

STEM users all,


Please email me if you like to join in the call. We’d welcome you!






Agenda for the STEM Call on December 14, 2017

9 am Pacific Time


1. STEM 3.0.0 Milestone 5: Release to follow solution of problem with launcher on Mac

*Pending solution as in item 3; hack not advisable, workaround available at


2. Updates: Emily, Nereyda & Tekla 


*Does setting the limit to 1000 give an infinite rate? Text to wiki?

*Does Stefan’s write up on the stochastic solver clarify understanding?

*Does running the experiment in 2 batches (not automatic) solve the random number seed problem?


*Completed poster on 1/7/2018 at Transportation Research Board

*Created one-page handout on STEM using paragraph from Jamie; sent out for review

*Repurpose handout for galaxy display at IBM? Put poster and handout on wiki?


*Problems with model generator & launching on Mac an EMF bug or a Mac security problem?

*Troubleshooting with BfR; findings to Jamie & Stefan?


3. STEM Update: Ahmad

*Progress report on updating STEM [Eclipse stem UI; stem2.product; target platform (Luna)]; downloading Eclipse [all latest version plug ins STEM uses; update, test]; testing; updating Delta packs

*Documentation up to date?

*Patches to Bugzilla to Jamie & Stefan to commit?

*Short bio for promotion to Eclipse committer? Forms for Eclipse?

*Resolution of technical issues via stem-dev, private phones calls w/ Jamie, Stefan

4. Bugs


5. Items from participants





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