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[stem-dev] Notes from the STEM Community Call on November 9, 2017

Notes from the STEM Call on November 9, 2017

On the call: Jamie, Stefan, Matthias, Taras, Ahmad, Nereyda, Tekla, Emily, Judy

Next call: Thursday, December 14, at 9 am Pacific Time 


Welcome to Ahmad Swaid, new at BfR, as a STEM contributor and future committer    


1. STEM 3.0.0 Milestone 5: Release to follow solution of problem with launcher on Mac

*Pending solution: See item 3

*Hack not advisable, workaround available at


2. Updates

*Wiki updated on need to use appropriate solvers such as Runge Ketta Cash-Karp

*Section on pubs and presentations on website updated

*Fix created for square lattice; zip file included in the Agenda for 11/9/2017

*TO DO: Once she has confirmed setting the limit to 1000 works to get an infinite rate (protection rate) works, Emily will contribute text to wiki


3. STEM Move

*New build server is up, running ok; Stefan updated to run on Mars

*Jamie: Use very latest Eclipse & plug ins to regenerate all STEM models; first update target platform, then update using XML

Process: Update STEM [Eclipse stem UI; stem2.product; target platform (Luna)]; download Eclipse [all latest version plug ins STEM uses; update, test]; once tested, update the Delta packs used in running STEM

*Matthias: Ahmad Swaid will take this on, has begun project work

*Ahmad: Couldn’t make build using product 5; per Jamie, can’t build STEM from product any more, TO DO: Check doc to see if update needed on this

TO DO: Jamie to promote Ahmad to an Eclipse committer; Ahmad to send Jamie a short bio for Eclipse; Matthias will help Ahmad with the Eclipse forms

TO DO: Ahmad, Jamie & Stefan: Use stem-dev, private phones calls to resolve technical issues

TO DO: Until he has committer status, Ahmad can send fix as a patch to Bugzilla and Jamie or Stefan can commit for him  


4. Bugs

No new bugs reported


5. Items from Participants

*Nereyda: Will present poster on 1/7/2018 at Transportation Research Board; will create one-page handout on STEM, will send out for review once drafted

TO DO: Jamie to send Nereyda paragraph on STEM for inclusion; can possibly repurpose one-pager for galaxy display at IBM

*Tekla: Having problems with model generator, launching on Mac; per group could be an EMF bug, could be another Mac security problem; she will share log file

TO DO: BfR will help Tekla tomorrow if she will share screen; will let Jamie & Stefan know if bug is related to the new build server

*Emily: Wants to better understand stochastic solver; is looking at code; per Jamie and Stefan, code in stemcore math; depends on binomial distribution from Apache Math Commons 3.1, also standard stochastic in Java, really a short method now

TO DO: Stefan will send write up he did or Melbourne researchers

*Re random number seed: Don’t set range in the disease model; changes moved noise into the solver but kept in model for backward usability; run experiment over and over, not as an automatic experiment; try two batches to see if it works    


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