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[stem-dev] (no subject)

I am forwarding this material on behalf of Emily Nixon.  


From: Emily Nixon
Sent: 03 August 2017 16:56
To: stem-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Rectangle around nodes


Hi all,


I've successfully managed to import my pajek file that has ~73,000 nodes and 100,000s of edges!


However, when I visualise/display the graph in STEM it has annoying rectangular boxes around each node. I know that this is what usually happens when you create your own nodes, but it's very annoying when I have so many of them (see example of a small area of my graph below, or attached):







I couldn't find anything in the wiki about how to change them (or what they are actually for) other than the following from


"This allows you to create a new node at the location, where you have right-clicked. The polygon of a newly created node is a rectangle, whose side length has to be specified in a dialog". 


As I didn't create my graph in the graph editor, I can't even change the size of the rectangle to make it really small. 


So my questions are:


(1) What is the purpose of the rectangles around the nodes in a graph?

(2) How are you able to remove them/change their size or shape when you are importing a pajek graph? If I could change them, I would want to make them circles with a radius of 517 metres (the average size I am assuming for a farm). 


Best wishes,




Emily Nixon
PhD Student


School of Biological Sciences
University of Bristol
Bristol Life Sciences Building
24 Tyndall Avenue
Tel +44 (0)117 394 1389


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