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[stem-dev] KNIME & STEM Webinar

Dear STEM-community,


I would like to show you the framework I’ve used in my master’s thesis to realize parametrized simulations with R, KNIME and STEM.

I would like to show you also how I evaluate the STEM data.


If you are interested please sign in into the doodle to the 13.08.2017 and check the dates which you prefer.


I’m not sure which video software I should use.

May I would use Skype or Google Hangouts.


Web ex is only for a group with two other persons an option, but if we are more than 3.

I have to use Skype or Hangouts.


Is that okay for you or do you have any other recommendations?


During the next week, I will provide a short introduction how to install KNIME with necessary extensions and provide also some start workflows.

It would be very nice if you installed this before the webinar, so that we can start quickly.


Best wishes,

Taras Günther

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