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[stem-dev] Agenda for the monthly STEM Community Call

STEM Users,


Our monthly community call will be this Thursday, July 13th, at 9AM Pacific time. As always, we welcome you to join in the call to discuss any issues you may have or learn more about STEM as an open source platform.

If you would like to participate, please contact me at judyvdouglas@xxxxxxxxxxx, and I will send you call in information.


Judy Douglas, on behalf of the STEM Team



Agenda for the STEM Community Call on July 13, 2017

Stefan Edlund to moderate


1. STEM 3.0.0 Milestone 5: Release to follow solution of problem with launcher on Mac

A major task, making the build compatible with Eclipse and awaits resources (summer intern? post doc?)   Currently a workaround is available at


2. Updates

Stefan: Hid the random seed and the stochastic true/false option in the e-core of the disease model

Taras: Posted bug re trigger in mixing rate and model builder; emailed project to Jamie and Stefan

Nereyda: Progress on transition dissertation to article

Judy: Deleted false links to 2012 publications

Emily/Tekla: See discussion on stem-dev re problems importing large Pajek files



Need to move the server by the end of the year


4. Bugs

[NEW BUG]: Taras to post problem with trigger in mixing rate and model builder (see above)


515648: Mixing edges when migrating to another polygon 

513636: Create option to log internal parameters over time 

                Workaround: Create a custom compartment. TO DO: Post on wiki 

515654: Calculating disease model with model generator; multiple aging populations

[Bug on stem-dev]: Rate to probability, deterministic to stochastic

Workaround: (1) Hack it using math.rand from java math to add noise to the infection process and add new hidden compartment in susceptible line code.  (2) Try with finite difference solver and jiggle the “f” value. (3) Go to the model creator on wiki and use the _expression_ editor to create a transition, “f”=random (0-1). Emily to discuss the problems she posted on May 19 on stem-dev[stem-dev] Rate to probability, deterministic to stochastic


5. New contributions on the STEM Wiki, Newsgroup

*Nereyda: Added screen shots; link to her dissertation, podcast, article mentioning her doctoral work 

*Taras: Updated the Food Risk Labs-Website, making Matthias’ presentations are now available to the entire STEM 


6. Items from Participants



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