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[stem-dev] Problem importing large pajek files

Hi all,

In a previous message:

Re: [stem-dev] Notes from the STEM Community Call on June 8- Posted 4:31 AM(ET) Emily Nixon

I said that I would talk to Tekla about the issues we had been having with importing large Pajek files into STEM.

I thought that her issue was with the libre office macros, but in fact we are both able to produce large pajek files using these. The problems we have are with importing large pajek files into STEM. It would be really useful if someone could investigate this, because I may no longer be able to use STEM if I am unable to import larger files. 

My issues
When trying to import a pajek file with 73517 vertices and 243881 edges I get the error "Unable to load content for resource" (see attached photo of the error log). 
STEM creates a graph file in my directory that I can view outside of STEM, but it contains 0mb and isn't even listed in the graphs folder within STEM. 

I have managed to make a file work that has the 73517 vertices and just one edge. This was just a test (I do need all the edges still!). 

Tekla's issues
She tried to make a pajek with LibreOffice in different cases: 
  • when she tried >10000 nodes, the pajek was generated, but when she tried to import into STEM, it failed and she received error messages, STEM had a problem when reading the pajek file. It was finding mistakes in pajek, but she checked and it seemed that there was no mistake; with 500 nodes it worked.
  • after that, her colleague made a pajek with KNIME, it also seemed good, but STEM still didn’t recognise any nodes.
She may be able to give you more detail and an error log if you need it. I don't know how many edges she was using, or whether this had any effect as it did for mine.

Best wishes,


Emily Nixon
PhD Student


School of Biological Sciences
University of Bristol
Bristol Life Sciences Building
24 Tyndall Avenue
Tel +44 (0)117 394 1389

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