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[stem-dev] Agenda for the STEM Community Call this Thursday

STEM users,


The first STEM community call of 2017 will be this Thursday, January 12th, at 9 am Pacific Time. If you would like to join in the call, please contact me, judyvdouglas@xxxxxxxxxxx, for call in instructions.








STEM Community Call

Thursday, January 12, 2017

9 am Pacific Time


Introductions: Two new participants, Chris Przybyszewski and Ted Ling Hu, from USBiologic


1. STEM 3.0.0 Milestone 4 up (11/13/2016)


2. Updates

*Singapore projects: Kun


3. Disease models 

*Ebola with zoonotic reservoir: Simone Bianco, IBM

*Zika model: Kun Hu, IBM

*Lyme disease: Ted Lin Hu, USBiologic


4. Tools and documentation

*Parameterized simulations: Taras Guenther, BfR

*Triggering interventions-vaccination example: Taras Guenther, BfR

*Documentation re eternal data initializers: Emily Nixon, UK 
*New batch experiment: Taras and Matthias Filter, BfR 


6. Bugs

*STEM won’t build (?): Jamie for chojunki@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

*New emf bug (?): Taras


6. Items from participants







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