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[stem-dev] Antw: Issues with the STEM-Batch-Experiment

Dear STEM-Community,

looking forward to our next STEM call and the meeting at the BfR in Feburary.
@ Jamie:  Thx for the fix of the LabelValueTest- Issue it works fine.

I have a new question:

I make a parametrized simulation with different disease- and populationmodelparameter.
For that i configuerd the XML code in the "Modifier"-files. 
I have 1000 values for each disease and populationparameter. 

When I run the Experiment Batch Mode all values for the diseaseparametes are carried step by step. 
It works perfectly fine but the values of the population-paramters are for the first 1000 disease-value-simulations on
population-value one. 
The simulation use the second population-value and calculate the 1000 disease-values with the second population

Like these:
Step		=PopulationValue		=DiseaseValue
1...1000		=1...1			=1...1000;
1001...2000	=2...2			=1...1000;

So in the end my Experiment run with 1000*1000 simulations. But I need only the data of 1000 simulations.
So that that the Experimentvalues run like these:

Step		=PopulationValue		=DiseaseValue
1...1000 		=1...1000			=1...1000	

Is there a possibilitty to run the simulation with the modified Disease- and Populationmodelvalues simultaniously?

Best regards and many thanks,

Taras Günther



>>> Taras Guenther 09.12.2016 16:20 >>>
Dear STEM-Community,

after our december STEM-conf.-call yesterday, I test some hints from James and start with the STEM Batch Mode
(Experiment) to use different parameters for my scenario.
I run in some issues with the modifiers and i don't know why.

I want to use the sequence option  to define the different parameter-estimates wich I generate before in R to
parameterize my Model. ( )

At first:
In the Wiki  is written:"In the new modifier dialog, for example, under Transmission rate select "range" (sequence not
yet enabled) and specify the range as shown."
Is this up to date?
The second:
Maybe it is good to show the path, how i get in trouble with the modifier: 

At first:
- I created the modifier
- calibrate the option of my "beta" paramter to sequence 
- finished the dialog, 
- build the experiment (like in the Wiki)
- there is only one default value for modifiers sequence  (e.g. 0.3)
- Run the Experiment and it work.
( But with the failure: "An error has occurred. See error log for more details.
The image resource 'full/customobj16/SequenceModifier.png' could not be located" )

I start  to add some new values in the Propertie View, to the modifiers sequence ( e.g.  0.4, 0.5) with the 
(...)-button  in the right end of the line. 

When I want to run the experiment, nothing happens. 

When I delete the added values the experiment, it doesn't also run.  
Everytime i got the same error:("An error has occurred. See error log for more details.
The image resource 'full/customobj16/SequenceModifier.png' could not be located).

I've refreshed, saved and closed STEM. But nothing works.

I hope someone can help me.

Best regards,
Taras Günther

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