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[stem-dev] Notes from the STEM Community Call, January 14th, 2016

Notes from the STEM Community Call, Thursday, January 14, 2016

On the call: Jamie, Stefan, Matt, Chris, and Judy


Next Call: Thursday, February 4th, 2016


1. STEM Version 3.0.1, aka Java 8/Eclipse 4 build

*Matt successfully worked around issue with EMF code

*Need to update metadata

TO DO: Make Version 3.0.2 available on January 20th

2. Feature requests

*Jamie: Working on evolving disease model; may use an extension to transformation decorators; decorator has to decorate the graph; mutation event is a step function

*Chris: Has extended shape file capabilities, combining shapes and edges using a Pajek file

            TO DO: Prepare downloadable example on how to do this  

*Work on feature requests below to be done when specifically needed by projects 

*Modifying sequencer to get automatic experiments to run batch (Kun)

E.g., with ebola data, how to more easily measure change in R0 over time

*Batching to control sequencer: No update

*Restricting air travel for certain compartments (Nereyda)

*New plug in to measure poverty: Inactive; actually a research/data task, not a software task
*Plug in for roads in Africa: Inactive as such; actually need for world


3. Followup on items from last call

*Deferred: New feature request logged? Open source issues ok on data source Matthias sent to Jamie in November and Matt reviewed? Intern possible?

*Nereyda has drafted article on STEM for collaborative online ezine Global Biodefense; Judy has edited; Jamie will review and send back to Nereyda

*Kun’s pilot for the collaboration with China CDC on modeling flu has been completed

4.  Bugs

*Bug 465981. Dengue model, Kamesh’s. No update.
*Jamie: Simone and his high school intern have had issues with Windows and model generator

            TO DO: Ask Simone for the log file




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