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[stem-dev] Notes from the April 9th STEM Community Call

STEM Community Call April 9, 2015

On call: Jamie, Stefan, Kun, Chris, Nereyda, Judy


Next call: Thursday, May 7, 2015


1. Release status updates

·         Version 2.0.4 scheduled for May 12, to include fix units now wrong on beta (minor)

·         Date for Milestone 1 for Version 3 to be determined

·         Making progress with Luna (Eclipse 4.x) and Java 8; build process now working but has a bug

o   Bug occurs with the model builder; can change the nature of the object

o   Current version of STEM uses Java 6, Eclipse 3; Eclipse 3 and Java 8 are not compatible

2. Updates  


* Attended conference on neglected tropical diseases in London

Maybe only one there doing modeling

Other attendees had hands-on empirical data from the field

As panelist, was asked about STEM, how we use it

* Attended conference in Barcelona sponsored by the European CDC and WHO

Had poster on dengue

Lots of interest; PhD student from Sweden took Kun’s poster back to her university

* Gave 3 hour presentation with Kamesh (IBM India) on dengue to Chinese province’s CDC 

2014 outbreak in province in southern part of China, also SE Asia

Heavy rainfall, high temperatures last year; reported five-fold increase in mosquito vector

YouTube is blocked in China, so Kun uploaded STEM videos to a media streaming service in China

STEM malaria and dengue papers are being translated into Chinese


* Currently no problems; one query re mortality rate—what does a 50% rate mean?

Jamie: 50% rate = 0.05/day or 0.5 over 10 days

Is taking notes that she’ll contribute later


* Gave 30 minute presentation at Eclipsecon with Kun; well received

Part 1: Stefan gave overview of STEM, model builder, etc.

Part 2: Kun presented on Ebola, wiki

* IBMer there forming Science Group wants STEM to join

Jamie: Science ok, but will NOT change our URLs 



[Restricting air travel for certain compartments; New plug in to measure poverty; Plug in for roads in Africa; Batch to control sequencer;

Log automated experiments (?); Modify sequencer to get automatic experiments to run batch]


4. Java 8 compatibility/support and Eclipse 4.x (Luna): TOP PRIORITY   See item 1.      

·         Two Handler s don’t seem to be needed


5.  Bugs. See items 1 and 4 above


6. TO DO’s

Jamie: Create new wiki page on Epidemiological Parameters

Kun: Upload slides from talk, put link on wiki

Chris: Get Luna branch, launch model builder, identify bug; follow up




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