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[stem-dev] Agenda for STEM Community Call January 8th

If you would like to join the call, email me at judyvdouglas@xxxxxxxxxxx for call in instructions.



STEM Community Call January 8, 2015

9 am Pacific Time


1. STEM 2.0.2 up

  • Next release scheduled for January 9, 2015

·         On schedule?

·         New plug ins, features?

  • Integration builds will continue to appear every Friday


2. Updates on dengue modeling

·         Kun to present in London in March

·         Work with Kamesh, IBM India, to use for Singapore project


3. Updates on Ebola modeling

·         Work with Richard Stovkis of Cures United on modeling interventions

·         Work with University of Melbourne on importation

·         Kun’s paper on Ebola work accepted for presentation at SBP 2015 in March


4. Discussion item

·         Java 8 compatibility/support and Eclipse Luna


5. Feature Request Updates

  • Restricting air travel for certain compartments (Nereyda)
  • New plug in to measure poverty (Jamie)
  • Plug in for roads in Africa
  • Three  new requests to allow modeler to
    • Have batch to control sequencer
    • Log automated experiments
    • Modify sequencer to get automatic experiments to run batch


6.  Items from BfR

  • Software tool for biology and epidemiology?


7. Bugs: Any to report?


8. Items from participants

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