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[stem-dev] Brief notes from the weekly STEM community call 10/17

Item of note: As of yesterday, the new release of STEM, Version 2.0, is up and available. See details below.

The agenda for next week’s call will be posted next week, as usual.


STEM 2.0
P log approved
Draft Slides complete, bug 417959 opened by Wayne to track STEM release
STEM 2.0.1 planned 12/11

V 2.0 Release Features include:
      Xtext model generator feature  
      Graphical Model Design (GUI for code generation,  Visual Editor )
          Bug Fixes from 1.4.1
          Performance improvements
          Advanced Dengue Example
          Directionally biased mixing model
          **Stochastic Modeling - New Solver doc. Fixes to older models
          Draggable solver objects  
          **After Eclipse’s release we need to contact Eclipse legal re Apache       
New Documentation for 2.0
      ==== Pubs updated on wiki
      ==== Updated Upcoming (and recent) talks on main website
      ==== Use of model generator inside of stem (vs in the dev environment) - done
      ==== Added new document Stefan’s new periodic control graph generator - done
      ==== Documentation for MMR model - done
      ==== Shape file graph generator - need new screenshop on wiki  - done
      ==== Visual Editor - done and growing
      ==== Stochastic solver - done
      ==== New doc on the multipopulation models done
      ==== Tutorial and documentation fixed by Jamie re. new solver framework     
New Demos for V2.0
* Demo project for Model Builder Demo
* Avian Influenza complete
Outstanding Bug of the week
* Feature request from Matthias regarding generalizing predicates to allow a file based schedule.
* STEM on server


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