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[stem-dev] Minutes from STEM call: Thursday, October 10, 2013

Minutes from STEM call: Thursday, October 10, 2013

1.Milestone 5 is now available
STEM 2.0 release date 10/15 on track
Release Slides complete, and submitted
bug 417959 opened by Wayne to track STEM release
IP Contributions review in good shape:

V 2.0 Release Features include:
      Xtext model generator feature  
      Graphical Model Design (GUI for code generation,  Visual Editor )
          Bug Fixes from 1.4.1
          Performance improvements
          Advanced Dengue Example
          Directionally biased mixing model
          **Stochastic Modeling - New Solver doc. Fixes to older models
          Draggable solver objects  
          **After Eclipse’s release we need to contact Eclipse legal re Apache

PLAN for STEM 2.01  Release Date 12/11
V 2.01 Release Features will include any bug fixes.

2. New Documentation for 2.0
      ==== Pubs updated on wiki
      ==== Updated Upcoming (and recent) talks on main website
      ==== Use of model generator inside of stem (vs in the dev environment) - done
      ==== Added new document Stefan’s new periodic control graph generator - done
      ==== Documentation for MMR model - done
      ==== Shape file graph generator - need new screenshop on wiki  - done
      ==== Visual Editor - done and growing
      ==== Stochastic solver - done
      ==== New doc on the multipopulation models done
      ==== Tutorial and documentation fixed by Jamie re. new solver framework.
2.b.   New Demos wish list for V2.0
* Demo project for Model Builder Demo complete
* Avian Influenza complete

3. Bug(s) of the week:
417656 Update on Finite Difference Solver hanging? Finite difference now has a min step parameter DONE will close
400930 Deleting a graph makes models/scenario useless (Alex, Can you confirm if you checked "updated references")? to discuss when Alex Returns NOT A BUG: WILL CREATE DIFFERENT BUG FOR NEXT RELEASE
409742 Mercator Map Logger does not export images with black borders (pending Matt) = jamie check DEFERRED
409540 Proposal: Make solvers "first class" objects. (will continue testing with 2.0) DONE
368889 For M5: Enable stochastic simulations for older disease models DONE. DEFER DENGUE  
                                       Done except Dengue leave bug open

4. Items from Participants
Feature Request for STEM 2.1 from Matthias
Generalize Predicate to read discrete events from a file based a schedule.
Discussion of Web Interface to STEM, and/or videos of demo projects on the STEM website

Best Regards,

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