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[stem-dev] Notes from today's STEM community call

STEM Community Call March 28, 2013

On Call: Jamie, Stefan, Matt, Kun, Matthias, Chris, Alex, Judy
1. V 2.0 Milestone 1 available Tuesday, April 2: On track
Webpage and plan updated: Updates completed
Newsgroup announcement of Milestone: Will make once Milestone is out
Note sent to stem-dev and newsgroup announcing requirement of Eclipse Juno (3.8.x): All on call are on 3.8x; all others should be

Milestone 1:  On Track: UI, model development workflow, builder tools, xtext, all in STEM
                Add model generator Feature to STEM-core (with required plugins)
                Customize Project Explorer (show/hide generated Java code)                            
                                Hot injection of generated plugins
Milestone 2: GUI this summer (IBM & BfR)

Future V 2.0 Release Features to include:
        Xtext model generator feature  
        Graphical Model Design (GUI for code generation)
            Bug Fixes from 1.4.1
            Performance improvements
            Advanced Dengue Example
            Stochastic Modeling - need to watch apach.math.commons library  
2. New Documentation for 2.0
        ==== Pubs updated on wiki
        ==== On main website, updated and shortened list of talks; moved below publication listing; will keep to 4 or 5

        TO DO (ALL): Post recent/upcoming talks (also publications) on wiki or send to Judy to post 


*All other documentation for Release 2 now complete with one exception

        ====Use of model generator inside of STEM (vs in the dev environment); will complete before Release 2 in October

3. Discussion on transition to GIT (after V 2.0 Milestone 1)

Matt: Have to migrate; move is inevitable; we need to decide when, how to split repository; probably (1) standard internal data, (2) geography, (3) earth science data (big, not many people use other than Almaden team); can do incrementally; will begin exploring process on April 3; probably will involve opening bug on Bugzilla & Eclipse allocating STEM working space to create a repository

Matthias: Some issues re SSH, HTTPS; BfR firewall blocks GIT; Matt: What looks like HTTP connection on Eclipse is really SSH; will send info to BfR

TO DO: Discuss again next week w/ new input from Matt   

4. Bug(s) and Issue(s) of the week
Jamie: CSV HTML Scenario Summary has been put back; apparently never opened as a bug; if a bug, needs to be closed

Jamie: Will help w/ data for Uganda, problem w/ shape file; Stefan to send him required info

Stefan: Working on Compartment Transition Definition Language (CTDL), adding functions (Java mathematical libraries, access to data in STEM (e.g., area, earth science data)

Jamie: Once Milestone is complete, consider writing article on how CTDL can allow researchers to use STEM w/o coding (possibly Alex’s experience as a biologist)
5. Items from Participants

Chris: Had trouble running STEM 2 product; tried again on call and it ran; Matt: Probably OCI loader was getting deadlocked due to something the Almaden team was doing behind the scenes

Judy: Will check pubs and presentations on wiki for consistency in formatting


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