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[stem-dev] Items for discussion on this week's STEM community call


There will be a call this Thursday at the usual time. If you have any items you would like added to the discussion, send them on to me or raise them during the portion of the call for Items from Participants.





1. V 2.0 Updated Webpage to announce Milestone (instead of release) - APRIL 17
As decided in a prior call: Will do 2.0 Milestone 1 (not a release) with partial implementation of xtext model generator
full 2.0 release a little bit later.

        Xtext model generator feature release or preview?
        Graphical Model Design (GUI for code generation)
    Bug Fixes from 1.4.1
    Performance improvements
    Advanced Dengue Example
    Stochastic Modeling - need to watch apach.math.commons library  
2. New Documentation for 2.0
* New STEM Update Mechanism
* Developers Environment guide updated (thank you Matt)
* New Doc on Food Distribution View [[take out of release]]
* Food Distribution view doc
* New doc page describing different solvers available in STEM

3. Bug(s) of the week 398419   "Import Models Generated with Model Generator...."  UPDATE FROM MATT AND ALEX
4. Items from Participants

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