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[stem-dev] Items for discussion on this week's STEM community call

1. 1.4.0 Release Plan  (tentative 9/25/2012)  
   Need milestone build around 6/1 and/or monthly
       Plan page and title updated
   Integration build available
   Performance improvements
   Parallel map views button (chris, could you please add a list of new map view features?)
   Simplified creation of new Disease and Population models (Tools for generating new disease plugins)
   Pajek-file Importer:
       Enable import of discrete transportation events
       Enable integration between user graphs and existing STEM graphs
   Polio Example
   Stochastic Modeling Framework
   Ability to Delete Items inside a Graph from Designer Perspective
   Deep copy drag and drop for models
   Create new mixing edges (Chris to put edges back, Jamie to do generator)
   Improved UI for decorators view       
2. NEW DOC FOR 1.4.0
          * wiki practice
          * map view features    
       * Best Practice for Developers, writing performance critical components in STEM (in progress)
       * additional doc for more realistic food SCENARIO doc is done but not in wiki yet. Scenario today.
       * Need better top level food modeling doc (draft created)
       * Stochastic models

3. Food production discussion

4. Update on stochastic models

5. Items from participants

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