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[stem-dev] Build updates for STEM 1.3.1 and Eclipse 3.7.2


Effective with this week's 1.3.1 integration build, STEM is based on the 
Eclipse Platform release 3.7.2 and dependencies published with this 
Eclipse release.

The current Eclipse-released versions of dependencies in STEM are:
- Eclipse Platform/RCP 3.7.2
- Eclipse EMF 2.7.2 (v20120130-0943)
- Eclipse BIRT 3.7.2 (v20120213)
- Eclipse Zest 1.3.0 (v20110425-2050)
- Apache Commons Math 2.1.0
- Apache Commons Collections 3.2.0
- Apache Commons IO 2.0.1

In addition to these changes to the binary builds, a new Eclipse Target 
Platform has been committed into the 
org.eclipse.stem.releng.targetplatforms project that will automatically 
load and apply these dependencies (minus the Eclipse Platform dependency) 
into your workspace.

To update to the new Target Platform:

1.  Update the org.eclipse.stem.releng.targetplatforms project from SVN
2.  Open Eclipse Preferences (Window -> Preferences), select Plug-in 
Development -> Target Platform
3.  Select "STEM-Eclipse37" from the list and click Apply or OK  (if you 
get a warning about being out of date or out of sync, click Reload then 
4.  Clean and rebuild your workspace (Project -> Clean -> Clean All 
5.  Delete the stem.product run configuration (Run -> Run Configurations 
-> Select stem.product then click Delete)
6.  Launch STEM with the new configuration by running 

Note about the new TP:  We no longer define the Eclipse Platform version 
in the Target Platform.  It will use the Eclipse Platform version from 
your running Eclipse IDE.  Therefore, we recommend upgrading your Eclipse 
IDE/SDK to version 3.7.2 in parallel.

Please report any bugs you encounter running STEM with the new dependency 


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