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[stem-dev] Notes from this week's STEM call

STEM Community Call February 16, 2012

On call: Jamie, Chris, Kun, Matt, Judy


Next week: Jamie will be on vacation; Matt will initiate the call using the chair call-in number; Chris will moderate


1. 1.3.1 PLAN

     No updates
     Will be using Eclipse 3.7, EMF 2.7
     1.3.1 integration build is up, is current build

      TO DO: Chris will check w/Matthias

2. NEW DOC FOR 1.3.1

No additional doc required for 1.3.1
* Right click/compile example: Stefan will do this
* GLEAM API (later this summer?): Chris will do; as noted, date is in future; Jamie will help clarify  

Current builds out of trunk now using Eclipse 3.7 and EMF 2.7

Waiting to release this for developers
4. MATTHIAS' SUGGESTION ON WIKI DEMO (chickenpox by BfR? Polio, smallpox)
Kun has created a schematic for a polio demo

Compartment model, shows polio, live vaccine; similar to dengue model, shows drift of vaccine

Checking the literature now; will check w/ experts before releasing 
Chris will do Chicken pox

Will first read Wikipedia article on chicken pox, identify element to map model into
5. Still waiting on Eclipse re: SHAPE FILE IMPORT/IPZILLA

Matt: Person @ Eclipse who handles this has been on vacation

Chris: Working on shape file importer, using plugins; how to do w/ open map?

Jamie: Avoid import statement

Matt: Can’t compile w/o open map, would need to use standalone jar file

Chris: Reading of shape files most important

Jamie: Other alternatives? Jar file not good

Matt: Asking Eclipse to approve use of open map as a modified source under the license

Matt: Hardest part is to strip out overhead and dependency hierarchy

Jamie: Need plan B

Matt: Would need to distribute through another source

Jamie: Confronting problem in work w/ Norway, will confront again and again    


Judy: 1060 abstracts submitted for ISVEE13, have extended deadline; notifications due mid-April

TO DO: Chris will ask Matthias to identify other conferences in the event of non-acceptances

Chris: Committed initializing from external data source, having problems w/ classes

TO DO: Chris will submit bug re scenario loader, assign to Jamie; need utility method in loader based on class

Jamie: Has been in contact w/ group in Brazil interested in STEM for food production

Jamie: Florida group preparing a grant proposal to USAID wants to use STEM





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