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[stem-dev] 1.2.3 RC1 initial testing

Good news all the examples from the web site are running okay and I was impressed by how stable this release seemed.

1.2.3 RC1 Problems (in no particular order):

1. Pressing Stop button running automated experiment causes STEM to hang.
2. Default map/plot color for incidence is washed out "beige", maybe not best choice.
3. Map does not always show the right bounding box (i.e. zoom level is wrong)
4. Reference population and reference population density is not set in the preferences. So the defaults hardcoded in Java is used. Maybe minor, but for the asia mosquito demo the number is way too small (regions with mosquitos are black at scale 1). Should document how to fix this when users are running the demo.
4. The stochastic SI, SIR, SEIR models are missing the gain parameter in the wizard
5. TBDiseaseModel (tuberculosis) does not have any parameters at all. The parameters are actually hard coded in the implementation. Should we remove this disease? It was mostly designed as as exercise in handling various non-standard disease labels.
6. Pressing the transmission rate button to bring up transmission rate matrix in a multi-population disease without first specifying the population groups gives an exception:
at org.eclipse.stem.diseasemodels.multipopulation.presentation.MultiPopulationDiseaseModelPropertyEditor.getRowNames(
at org.eclipse.stem.diseasemodels.multipopulation.presentation.MultiPopulationDiseaseModelPropertyEditor$1.widgetSelected(
7. The "Resource Set" title is shown for some objects in the EMF editor, not others,e.g.

We usually get rid of it by changing some automatically generated editor code.
8. Sometimes the project explorer shows blank entries under some folders, e.g. Decorators. Refreshing the project usually fixes this though.
9. Dengue Fever and Very Simple Dengue Fever are missing translations for some parameters, e.g. bitingRateSV, hostADE12 etc.
10. Icon for the new loggers are missing when viewed in editors, project explorer
11. The new loggers creates log files under "RecordedSimulations", not "Recorded Simulations", a new folder without a fancy icon. For this release this is probably okay until we've migrated 100 % over to the new logging framework.

/ Stefan

Stefan Edlund
Public Health and Computer Science Research
IBM Almaden Research Center
(408) 927-1766   edlund@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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