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[statet-users] [Ann] StatET 4.0.0 Release

Dear StatET users,

I am pleased to announce StatET 4.0.0, the first release by StatET as project of the Eclipse Foundation.

The new version is available for Eclipse 2018-12 ( It officially supports R 3.5, other versions of R are not yet tested, but you can also share your experience with us. Several new and noteworthy changes and features of StatET 4.0 are described here:

To install the new version, you can use the update site:

For other download options, please check the project's download page:

If you want to use the advanced console (RJ) with R, you need the R package 'rj' for your R version as before. The packages for GNU R (RJSrv4GR) are not part of the Eclipse StatET project, for installation see the instructions at the project site at GitLab:


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