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StatET 4.0 – New and Noteworthy

For other information about the release see the release page for StatET 4.0.0.


Preferences and Other Configuration The preferences and other configuration settings made in previous version of StatET will not been taken over to StatET 4.0. This also includes the R code snippets, launch configurations, project natures and project properties.

R Package Development

Setup of R Package Projects The package name of R packages is parsed automatically from the DESCRIPTION file now. It is no longer required to enter the name in the project properties, only the package root folder must be specified correctly:

The wizards to create, convert and import R package projects are following the new configuration; the New R Package Project wizard generates automatically the DESCRIPTION file.

Variables for R Packages The Eclipse variable for the R package root, which can be used for example in the R code snippets, is renamed from r_pkg_base_path to r_pkg_root_path.

R App Development

Tools for R Apps The IDE provides several tools for development of R apps like Shiny. This includes tools to start, restart and stop the app with support of different launch profiles (as known e.g. from Document Processing Tools) as well as an app viewer.


Detail of Variables The Variables view shows more information about some objects. For language objects it shows the source code, if possible:

For promise variables it is possible to inspect their expression and environment:

Breakpoints in Nested Functions The debugger provides improved support for breakpoint in nested functions and code blocks.

This allows for example to set line breakpoints in code of Shiny apps while the app is running.

Remote Console

R Help Server The R help server allows to index and share the R help for R remote consoles at server side. This can simplify and accelerate the setup and distribution of remote console servers.

This is the recommend solution to store the R help index at server side or to access it by multiple client now. The option to specify a network folder for the R help index for remote R environments in the IDE is deprecated and will be removed in future releases.

RJ / RServi Development Library

Changes For new and noteworthy items of the RJ/RServi development library see its CHANGES file.

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