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Re: [starter-dev] March Minutes and Action

I can commit, but I do not really know what "testing the archetype" means in this context.

If we are discussing the archetype generated at http://localhost:8080/jakarta-starter-ui
there are so many different combinations to test.

For example - we could test if archetype gets successfully deployed to all types of EE servers mentions, with any combination of the radio buttons possible (quite a lot of combinations).

So I will really appreciate some guidance to help me focus.

On Mon, 13 Mar 2023 at 18:57, Reza Rahman <reza_rahman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Here are the meeting minutes for March:
Please read carefully and discuss. There are important matters that need
your engagement.

Specifically, we really need folks to test both the archetype and the UI
before we can confidently do a 2.0 release hopefully very shortly.



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