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Re: [starter-dev] Starter Project comments

Thanks Dmitry for agreeing to invest some of your valuable time to help us determine direction on this important project.

Hopefully you are now properly subscribed to the mailing list. Emily was having some issues too. For now, I am copying your email.

I have added a column for you and recorded your input here: Please take a look and update as needed?

There are additional comments in-line below.

On 11/14/2022 11:20 AM, Dmitry Kornilov wrote:
Hi Reza,

I subscribed to the starter project mailing list late, so I cannot reply to your message,  I don't have it in my mailbox. Here are my comments:
  • Project looks good for the first version
  • Default groupId and artifactId are not effective, just displayed. It causes the Maven command box to be empty. I would suggest making the defaults concrete, so Maven box is filled when the page is opened.
I think this is feedback for Ivar and Ivo at this juncture. It does look like we will be revamping the UI soon, so I will ensure it gets addressed definitely at that point.
  • It would be good to provide user experience similar to Spring starter or Helidon starter. It means giving a user to choose which specifications or features to include in his project. On the other hand, it will add complexity. Also, it's mutually exclusive with Profile drop-down list. It will require some UI work which is always an issue in open-source projects.
Understood. I do have some follow-up questions and comments that I will share on the thread dedicated to the topic. Hopefully you can chime in there.
  • I would like to download a zip file with generated project. Many people mentioned that already.
  • I'm not sure that is it a good idea to allow choosing a runtime. I think that this starter UI should concentrate on generating portable projects. It could include some written information about how to deploy the generated project to different runtimes without having hard dependencies.

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