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Re: [spatial4j-dev] Timeline for a 0.5 release?

Hi Justin,

It’s crossed my mind too.  There’s a test failure I want to diagnose: sometime in the next few days.  After that; let’s have a 5.0 release?  If miraculously I still have some momentum with getting more done in Spatial4j; the next on my Spatial4j list is for which I have a branch of some code in progress last year.  It would be awesome to get that done finally for 5.0 but I’m not so sure of the time I’ll have.  But there’s certainly enough goodness in 5.0 with all the GeoJSON and writing WKT/GeoJSON that 5.0 will be great enough as it is.

~ David

On Thu, Aug 27, 2015 at 11:11 AM Justin Deoliveira <jdeolive@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hey folks. 

I was curious to whether there was a plan to cut a newer spatial4j artifact and make it available in maven central? I have a project [1] that depends on some features (the shape i/o stuff) that aren't in 0.4.1, which from what I can tell is the latest available version. 



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