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[spatial4j-dev] Geo3D

(forwarding my comment on the CQ (Eclipse IP Contribution Questionnaire):
I "withdrew" this CQ because the situation has changed.  Another committer
added "Geo3d" as a module of Lucene (jar file goes by "spatial3d") and is now
published as a Jar file via Maven:

So I think the path forward at the moment with Spatial4j is to treat it like an
external optional dependency (as Spatial4j treats JTS); not to directly
incorporate Geo3d since Geo3d is published.  Long term maybe this might change,
since Geo3D ought to "live" in a spatial oriented place (like at LocationTech),
not in Lucene IMO.
Lucene/Solr Search Committer, Consultant, Developer, Author, Speaker

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