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[spatial4j-dev] Source headers, about files, etc.

I finished bringing master up to date with the changes that were in the LocationTech-Contrib2 branch.  Notes:
* a git comment said I bumped the version to 1.0-SNAPSHOT but I didn’t actually; that’s erroneous.  I kept the same maven coordinates & version for now; that’s a separate conversation/decision.
* don’t be alarmed at saying this project is EPL licensed.  It’s boilerplate that establishes a default that can be overridden — and we do in, which is furthermore re-iterated at the top of every source file.

In addition, Eclipse legal recently made the decision that projects are no longer required to list contributors at the top of source files!  The rationale in essence is that this is what source control is for.  Officially this was decided here: which I found out about on the location-iwg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx list.  I was quite happy to remove them :-).  But I did ensure we have a commit with it in previously since the LocationTech transition made a new revision tree root that makes finding history before this event hard to tie together.

~ David
Lucene/Solr Search Committer, Consultant, Developer, Author, Speaker

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