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[soc-dev] About Vorto Web-based editor

Hi everyone,

I would like to apply to Vorto Web-based editor project. So, I would be glad if anyone could inform more details about the project. I went through the git repository and Vorto's web page, but I still have some uncertainties, like the recommended technological skills necessaries for the implementation or how the Xtext is supposed to be integrated to the project. 
I am just at the third semester at University and I do not have much experience. That is why I do not feel so sure. So, if anyone could help me make a good decision for my proposal, I would be really glad.

Best regards,

Ítalo Héctor de Medeiros Batista
Federal University of Campina Grande (UFCG), Brazil
Undergraduate Student in Computer Science
+55 83 996220876

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