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[soc-dev] [GSoC 2016] :Package Drone- Implement a secondary index

Hello Everyone !
I am Ketan Zabak
, final year student of Information Technology at Pune Institute of Computer Technology, Pune from India. I want to be a part of eclipse community.
I am well versed in Java programming,  OSGi,  Operating Systems design experience. I have developed  projects and server side programming using Java , OSGi. I have basic knowlege of Git VCS. 

I  have a good understanding of Database management system postgres sql, I also have basic knowledge of  NoSql database specifically in Mongodb.

I am interested in a project "Package Drone-Implement a secondary index". I have read the project wiki and I have compiled the source code as well [Repo Link]. I want to know more details about project. 

[Repo Link]:

Thank you!

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