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[soc-dev] coala and Eclipse

Hi Eclipse people,

we're coala, maybe some of you spoke to us at FOSDEM. coala provides
static codee analysis (i.e. possibly non realtime, it's not
autocompletion or something like that) for all languages by providing
a framework for static code analysis. As such it deals with the user
interaction and aims to provide plugins for editorss and IDEs.

Eclipse is on our list too, we'd love to make a coala plugin that
provides a fully configurable static coede analysis panel for eclipse
essentially, which will then be applicable to all the languages we
support (we support a new language every twoish days currently by
wrapping other tools plus you can combine them with generic analysis

Would you be able to mentor a GSoC student doing such a thing? For all
coala related problems we'd be there - no question. We already have
several interested participants in this project.
lists this particular idea, the other coala mentor is in CC.


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