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[soc-dev] Newbie here ! Help required.

Hello Everyone!

My name is Chirag Soni. I'm a complete newbie to open source world. I want to contribute and also aspire for Gsoc 2016.

I've done intensive research on how to contribute but I still have no idea where to start. I have seen Bugzilla, but all the bugs seem to be already assigned.

Please suggest me some easy bugs to get started. And please clarify my queries -

1. If I chose a bug, how do I get it assigned to me?
2. Where to seek help for that bug, on soc-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx mailing list or bug's project mailing list?

More about me -

Name - Chirag Soni
Country - India
College - Indian Institute of Technology, Patna
Pursuing Computer Science and Engineering.

I want to get familiar with how open source world works and make adequate acquaintance in community before commencement of gsoc-2016.

Thank you.

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