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[soc-dev] Final Evaluation

Hello Everyone,

the final evaluations are coming up and since we are in prime vacation time i just wanted to make sure that you have it on your radar ahead of time. 
The deadline is on Aug, 28th

If you find yourself unable to submit you evaluation, please, let me know and i will do it for you. Please sent me a privat email with your results.

Also, we need to decide now who is attending the Google Summer of Code Summit. We have two candidates so far (which would make the decision easy). This is your last chance to raise your hand if you want to attend. If there is no one else raising their hand until Wednesday, Aug19th, i will assume that Raffi and Tim are the ones that are going and let them know how to register.


Kind regards,
Jelena Alter

Coordinator, Ecosystem Europe
Eclipse Foundation
mobile: + 49 16090253202

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