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Re: [soc-dev] idea for gsoc 2013

Both Image Utilities and PDE-Tools are great. It seems that I tried one of them before. 

The plugin that I want to create is some thing like preview in OS X and a Icon previewer.  When I click a item in Package Explorer and hold hot key, a dialog shows up. The dialog display the property of a file, folder or image and the content of the file or image. When I release the hot key, the dialog disappear. And the icon previewer is just like Jeeeyul Lee's Icon Preview in PDE-Tools, it's great.

What about I improve your Image Utilities and make it more excellent by adding this features?

On Apr 22, 2013, at 12:05 AM, Wayne Beaton <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Sounds interesting.

I wrote an image previewer (many) years ago as an example. I never did bother to try and get it into an Eclipse distribution and haven't done any work on it in quite a while. Is this along the lines of what you're proposing?

I'd be interested in reviving and modernizing the code.

Or does your idea relate to some of the work done by Jeeeyul Lee?

Can you describe with more detail what you intend to provide?


On 04/21/2013 09:54 AM, Tony wrote:
Hi, everyone! 

	My name is PengJingwen and I am a Chinese student. Currently, I am in my freshman year of Lanzhou University, majoring in Information Security. 

	At my first year at university, I have learned a lot of knowledge about software developing and server maintenance, and I am a number of the Open Source Society. I really love the spirit of free and share.

	Google Summer Of Code is quite a great opportunity for me to learn more about Eclipse Community and making contribute to Eclipse. I have been using Eclipse when I began to learning programming. It is really nice and I love it. 

	But I found it is not convenient to have a quick look at pictures or inspect files when developing. I want to create a Eclipse Plugin to solve this little trouble and make Eclipse more convenient to use. 

	I have been learning Java and for several months, and I have developed some small Android apps. Recently, I have been reading documentations on developing Eclipse Plugin.

	Whether I can apply a project or not, I will finish this plugin. And I really hope that Eclipse can be more efficient to use.

Best Regards,

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