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[soc-dev] idea for gsoc 2013

Hi, everyone! 

	My name is PengJingwen and I am a Chinese student. Currently, I am in my freshman year of Lanzhou University, majoring in Information Security. 

	At my first year at university, I have learned a lot of knowledge about software developing and server maintenance, and I am a number of the Open Source Society. I really love the spirit of free and share.

	Google Summer Of Code is quite a great opportunity for me to learn more about Eclipse Community and making contribute to Eclipse. I have been using Eclipse when I began to learning programming. It is really nice and I love it. 

	But I found it is not convenient to have a quick look at pictures or inspect files when developing. I want to create a Eclipse Plugin to solve this little trouble and make Eclipse more convenient to use. 

	I have been learning Java and for several months, and I have developed some small Android apps. Recently, I have been reading documentations on developing Eclipse Plugin.

	Whether I can apply a project or not, I will finish this plugin. And I really hope that Eclipse can be more efficient to use.

Best Regards,


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