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Re: [soc-dev] [recommenders-dev] Google Summer of Code 2013

Hi Davide,

> My name is Davide Marques and I'm a finalist on Computer Engineering at
> Universidade de Évora, Portugal.
> I'm very familiar with Java, C\C++, Python and I would like to know more
> about the project idea "New Models API". I  often work with Eclipse IDE
> and having the ability to use a more advanced auto-complete sounds great! 
> Looking foward to hear from you, best regards

as for all of our GSoC proposals, there's a Bugzilla entry to track all
important information [1]. There's also a draft of the new API available
in Gerrit [2] (should've been linked in Bugzila, now is). Have a look
there, in particular at the classes in doc/examples, which show how the
the API could be/should be used.

If you have further questions/problems, best ask them in Bugzilla, so
everyone can see and benefit from the answers.

Best regards,


[1] <>
[2] <>

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