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[soc-dev] Eclipse Platform: Implementing generic in JFace viewers

my name is Hendrik Still and I'm interested to work on the topic
"Eclipse Platform: Implementing generic in JFace viewers" as part of the
At the moment I'm studying Computer Science in my third year in
Karlsruhe (Germany). Before I've started studying, I gained a degree as
IT specialist for application development. As part of my work as a
software developer and student I'm using Eclipse JDT, PDT, CDT..  daily.
To be honest until now I've not committed to one of this projects or the
eclipse platform yet, but I'm really looking forward to do so.

By now I've already cloned the source of eclipse.platform.ui, skimmed through
the code and tried to build the platform from the
eclipse.platform.releng.aggregator.git repository. Currently my build isn't running but hopefully I'll get this to work by this or next week.

As far as I understand the main issue is that without specifying the type
for e.g. the used model while compiletime leads to heavily using of
casting. That's why, according to me, the goal is to avoid castings like
in this example from with the use of Java Generics

public class TodoLabelProvider extends LabelProvider {
  public String getText(Object element) {
    if (element instanceof Category) {
      Category category = (Category) element;
      return category.getName();
    return ((Todo) element).getSummary();

I really want to take the Google Summer of Code as a chance to learn
more about the Eclipse Platform and about Eclipse opensource community,
as well . Extending my proficiency, it would be a great chance to share
my time and knowledge and become part of the project.

Kindest Regards
Hendrik Still

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