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Re: [soa-pmc] [stp-pmc] STP Termination/Archiving Review

The STP BPMN modeler pages are still relevant. I'll move them.

On Thu, Nov 4, 2010 at 05:20, Oisin Hurley <oisin.hurley@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Feedback so far:

1. The STP-IM sub-project as part of STP has active consumers
that are not yet ready to migrate to Mangrove - so we certainly
should make sure that this repository doesn't go away. I'd suggest
to the Mangrove team that they keep this project around in parallel
with Mangrove until such time as a separate review can be held.

2. If the Policy project is 'stuck' in its migration, I can help to get
it 'unstuck' - I'm emailing Jerry P separately about this topic.

I'm going to set a close-of-comments date for 12 Nov, and after
that will move on with preparing the review with the default actions.

I've a concern that there's no feedback on the removal of web
and wiki elements - I'm advocating total destruction of the OLD
www/stp site and removal of STP-related wiki pages. Your opinions
are valuable in this regard, but they will cease to be so valuable
on the 12th :)

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