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[soa-pmc] STP Termination/Archiving Review

Hi all,
With most of the sub-projects and other elements of STP now
successfully moved to SOA, it's time to draw up a termination
plan for the original STP holder project. Here's the outline, with
some preparation messages, just so that we don't accidentally
blow stuff up we want to keep :)

Let me know if anything is off-target here. I've cc'ed Wayne on
this email, to help with a suggestion for a date and remind us
all if we are missing anything.

One top-level issue - what is the status of the STP Policy
project in its move?

* Reasons for termination.
  -> evolution. the content of this project is now disbursed to the
SOA project, or is independent
    STP BPMN --> independent BPMN project
    STP IM  --> Now, Mangrove at SOA
    STP Policy --> In progress move to SOA
    STP SCA --> Moved to SOA

* Decommiterrizations

All outstanding STP committerships will be removed (see below). These
individuals should have
SOA committerships in place already, if they are continuing work.

0/0	 	David Bosschaert
0/0	 	Alain Boulze
0/0	 	St├ęphane Drapeau
0/0	 	Oisin Hurley
0/0	 	Etienne Juliot
0/0	 	Hugues Malphettes
0/0	 	Alexey Markevich
0/0	 	Antony Miguel
0/0	 	Adrian Mos
0/0	 	Gerald Preissler
0/0	 	Nicolas SALATGE
0/0	 	Andrei Shakirin
0/0	 	Antoine Toulme
0/0	 	Aliaksandr Tselesh
0/0	 	Andrea Zoppello
0/0	 	Vincent Zurczak

* SVN elements that are to be archived.

Please check to make sure you have got what you want before these are

* CVS elements to be archived

The website for stp should be wrapped up and disappeared. I have noticed
that there are some existing SOA subprojects that have not moved their
web content. Doing that is a pain, I know, but I would recommend the move.


* Wiki elements to be archived

Wiki is a little harder to clean, because it's non-hierarchical, but I recommend
that we just discard most of the material. It's been unmaintained for a while
and is thus misleading and of negative value. Projects that are migrating to
the SOA umbrella will need to move their wiki collateral, changing the names
of the pages. and subpages

* Bugzilla products

It looks like all of the Bugs have already been scooped out and moved from
this project/product and it can be removed


* Newsgroups

This to be made inactive.


* Mailing lists

These to be made inactive.


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