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Re: [soa-pmc] PMC meeting next Tuesday

Am 04.05.2010 um 20:02 schrieb Antoine Toulme:

Sorry, I was taken by a customer call.

I tend to think having bugs to track status of items is best - let's open a bunch of them for the todo items for Helios ?

Agreed, but first we should shortly discuss what the issues are, in which way to solve them and very important find someone who is taking care about. Then we can move to bugzilla and have a more detailed discussion. BTW, there are two bugs  waiting for comments and suggestions :)


[1] Planning for the future of the SOA TLP build (
[2] New logo competition for SOA TLP (

On Tue, May 4, 2010 at 10:57, Marc Dutoo <marc.dutoo@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Zsolt

I'm very sorry, no excuse, it was on my agenda, my mind was just taken by something else...

On my side, I'd say that a reminder email in the morning or an hour before would improve attendance ! And Stephane, next time use Skype to poke me ;)

Anyway, you're right, it's important, we really need to clean our website, and do this before Helios comes out.


Zsolt Beothy-Elo a écrit :

again Stephane and me were the only ones to attend our bi-weekly phone call today. I cancelled the call because it does not make sense if constantly only two people participate.  If this bi-weekly conf call does not work for you then let's discuss what to change. Our web appearance is still looking like a mess or is not existent and that will not change if not everybody is willing to contribute.
I would be glad to get input how we can further proceed.


 Am 30.04.2010 um 12:01 schrieb Zsolt Beothy-Elo:

this is just a friendly reminder of our upcomming PMC meeting next Tuesday (4 May). [1] hopefully provides the necessary data to call in and also the agenda. If something is missing just contact me, also feel free to add topics to the agenda. My main topic for this meeting (like it was for the last three ones) is the improvement of our web site. It is very obvious that the site is still under construction and we should change that. Here are some action I think we should go about:

*  Create "real" contents of the primary link area (that's where the big buttons are located).
    o What topics are displayed, e.g. download, community, documentation, ...,
    o overall layout and logo
    o create web pages the limls are pointing to * Under "SOA Platform Project" topic create an overall picture / diagram of the SOA project, its sub projects and the relationships, bewteen the projects.
* Propose possible headings for the right navigation bar.

They are surely not exhaustive, so have a look at our site [2] and hopefully come up with additional actions.


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