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[soa-pmc] PMC meeting next Tuesday

this is just a friendly reminder of our upcomming PMC meeting next Tuesday (4 May). [1] hopefully provides the necessary data to call in and also the agenda. If something is missing just contact me, also feel free to add topics to the agenda. My main topic for this meeting (like it was for the last three ones) is the improvement of our web site. It is very obvious that the site is still under construction and we should change that. Here are some action I think we should go about:

*  Create "real" contents of the primary link area (that's where the big buttons are located).
      o What topics are displayed, e.g. download, community, documentation, ...,
      o overall layout and logo
      o create web pages the limls are pointing to 
* Under "SOA Platform Project" topic create an overall picture / diagram of the SOA project, its sub projects and the relationships, bewteen the projects.
* Propose possible headings for the right navigation bar.

They are surely not exhaustive, so have a look at our site [2] and hopefully come up with additional actions.



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